The First Snow

The First Snow


My first week here in my Colorado home has been nothing short of amazing. The cherry on top was the beautiful first snow that we just received. When I say first snow, I mean it REALLY snowed hard. We got about 3 feet of snow within a 24 hour period, leaving everything absolutely covered in the white stuff. I first saw it when I woke the other morning and saw the entire landscape surrounding the B&B blanketed in white. The beauty of it was amazing. I spent most of the day unboxing all of my belongings from my move and organizing everything, making sure I put all of my things in their rightful places. Later in the day I had just gotten done eating some soup for lunch when I heard an unsettling cracking sound coming from outside. I recognize it immediately as the sound of a tree right before it falls over. Within seconds, my suspicion was  confirmed when I heard the great sound of a tree cracking and falling. The sound was so loud and sounded so close that I was terrified that the tree was actually going to end up falling on the house. Luckily, the tree came crashing down without any damage to the house, and I rushed to the front door to see what had happened. When I looked out I saw a giant pine had fallen just 50 yards or so from my house. It was such a close call, as that tree could have easily fallen on the house if it had fallen in a slightly different direction.

Unfortunately, I have not yet equipped myself with the right type of equipment to deal with natural disasters such as this. I had planned on purchasing some things like a chainsaw and ¬†other various tools, but I have not gotten around to it yet. And unfortunately, the tree fell across my driveway, basically blocking me in not allowing me to leave. I finally decided that the best course of action in the this case was to hire a tree service to come out and take care of the tree that had fallen. They quickly came out after hearing that I was trapped in by it, and they took care of the tree quickly with their team of chainsaw-wielding saviors. In no time the tree had been cut up and stored nearby, as I asked them to keep the tree cut into small logs so that I can later split the wood for firewood. So it all ended up working out since I didn’t yet have any firewood for the winter.

Later that night, I actually went by one of my neighbor’s houses to inform them of what had happened. They informed me that the tree fallings aren’t necessarily common, but do happen from time to time, especially after heavy snow falls. I thought that was quite interesting and was quite fortunate that it just so happened to fall away from the house.

After I finish up unpacking I will be working on getting the bed and breakfast up and running again. I plan on doing some small renovations and getting some new furniture and stuff, so that will be my next project so that it will be all ready to re-open in the spring of this year. Until next time…

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